Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye,
Jay peerh paraaye janneyray

Par dukkhey upkar karey teeyey,
man abhiman na anney ray

Sakal lokma sahuney bandhey,
Ninda na karye kainee ray

Baach kaachh, man nischal raakhey,
Dhan-dhan jananee tainee ray

Samdrishi nay trishna tyagee,
par-stree jaynay mat ray

Vivihva thaki asatya na bolay,
par-dhan nav jhaley haath ray

Moh maaya vyaayey nahin jeynay,
dridth vairagya jana manma ray

Ram-nam-shoom taalee laagee,
Sakal teerth seyna tanma ray

Vanloohee nay kapat rahit chhay,
Kaam, Krodh nivarya ray

Bhane Narsinhyo tainoo darshan karta kul ekotair taarya re.


English translation

Speak only as godlike of the man who feels another’s pain.

Who shares another’s sorrow and pride does disdain.

Who regards himself lowliest of the low.

Speaks not a word of evil against anyone.

Blessed is the mother who gave birth to such a son.

Who looks upon everyone as his equal.

Lust he has renounced.

Who honours women like he honours his mother.

Whose tongue knows not the taste of falsehood.

Nor covets another’s worldly goods.

Who longs not for worldly wealth (or fame)

For he treads the path of renunciation.

Ever on his lips is Ram’s holy name.

All places of pilgrimage are within him.

He has conquered greed, is free of deceit, lust and anger.

Through him Narsinh has godly vision.

And his generation to come will attain salvation.

© Hari Bol Bhajan Mandal

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